Candle + Pin Set


Imagine a dim, book filled room with deep leather chairs and a roaring fireplace. On a rainy night close to midnight you settle in and take your place at the seance table.

This is where we wanted to transport you to when we created this candle. Hints of Amber, Vanilla, Cedar and Leather combine to conjure some secret room where otherworldly happenings are taking place.

We wanted our first candle to make you think of antique books, worn leather, rainy nights and Dean Winchester's Impala. This 8oz candle does just that.

Hand poured soy wax in a reusable black tin. Our candles have a 40 hour burn time. Each candle comes with an exclusive variant of our 'Ouija' Pin. This pin will is only available with these candles first. They won't be available for individual purchase until later this year.

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